Bringing Home My New Puppy! Puppy Reveal!

Bringing Home My New Puppy! Puppy Reveal! I picked up my puppy! This was such an exciting day to finally get my new puppy that is my very own! I love him so much and can’t wait to share him with you! Merch is available! You can get merch here: Check out our App: […]

Halloween Stereotypes

Halloween Stereotypes Love ’em or Hate ’em, we all know ’em! Check out all the Halloween Stereotypes! ► Thanks for subscribing! – ► Click HERE to watch the behind the scenes video: ► Subscribe to our amazing, new behind the scenes, bloopers, and bonus content channel: Dude Perfect Plus! It’s everything you love […]

After Firefighters Save His Home, Man Weeps When He Returns To Find They Left An Apology Note

The East Troublesome Fire has become the second-largest wildfire in Colorado history. And in the midst of the destruction, a winter storm added to the potential dangers after dropping a foot of snow onto homes that were not prepared for winter weather. Kyle Frary has been a wildland firefighter for 18 years. In the dark […]

24kGoldn & iann dior “Mood” (Home Performance) | Open Mic

24kGoldn & iann dior “Mood” (Home Performance) | Open Mic @24kGoldn and @iann dior recently performed their chart-topping hit, “Mood,” which has already racked up 360 million plays on Spotify to date. It is produced by Blake Slatkin, KBeaZy, and Omer Fedi and appears on 24kGoldn’s forthcoming album, ‘El Dorado.’ Read more on Genius: […]

In Defense Of Manuel Margot Trying To Steal Home In The World Series

Getty Image On Sunday night, we witnessed one of the rarest moments in sports: an attempt to steal home plate. In the fourth inning, Manuel Margot of the Rays found himself as the tying run on third base with no outs after stealing second and then advancing to third on a fielding error by Chris […]

Indiana Family Is Causing A Stir This Halloween By Turning Home Into A Popular Meme About 2020

Irvington, Indiana, is known as the Halloween capital of the state. In fact, the town’s annual Historic Irvington Halloween Festival, which was founded in 1947, is currently the nation’s oldest and largest Halloween festival. And this Halloween, the Lynch family of Irvington, Indiana, is doing their hometown proud … even if the pandemic is canceling […]

Boy Who Went To Dentist For 2 Cavities Sent Home Writhing In Pain With 4 Sharp, Shaved Teeth

Monica and Donavyn, a couple from Alabama, took their 22-month-old son Chance to the dentist to get two of his teeth capped. Chance wasn’t in any pain prior to the appointment. It was supposed to be a simple, routine procedure that would fix some dental decay. During the appointment, Donavyn watched as the dentist started […]

Desperate Daughter Takes Laundry Job At Nursing Home To See Elderly Mother During Pandemic

Ever since she was a little girl, MJ Ryan’s mother has drilled into her the same powerful sentiment: “There’s always an alternate route. When something gets in your way, find a way around it.” It’s something MJ has always remembered, and now she’s really putting her mom’s teachings to use. Back in March 2020, like […]