The Brown Derby Is A Perfect Thanksgiving Cocktail, Here’s Our Recipe

Zach Johnston If ever there was a time to learn a new cocktail, it’s Thanksgiving 2020. Most of us will be stuck at home, not going to Thanksgiving weekend movies, and not going out to bars either. That means it’s time to order in some booze and up those bar skills. May we suggest the […]

Hey Look, Here’s That ‘SNL’ With Timothee Chalamet And Bruce Springsteen You Didn’t Know You Were Looking For

Getty Image SNL has always had random host-musical guest mash-ups. It’s impossible to top the April 14, 1979 episode that paired old school comedy icon Milton Berle with Free Jazz legend Ornette Coleman. But this one comes close: the forthcoming December 12 entry features floppy-haired prince (and future Paul Atreides) Timothée Chalamet with — why […]

‘Chappelle’s Show’ Was Removed From Netflix — Here’s the Reason Why

Dave Chappelle has a nice deal going with Netflix including several comedy specials, so when fans noticed that his 2003 hit series was no longer available to stream, people wondered what exactly was going on. It turns out that the leading man himself, Dave Chappelle, was the one who requested that Netflix remove it because […]

Here’s Candie! | Leonardo DiCaprio Laughing

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How Did the ‘Wipeout’ Contestant Die? Here’s What to Know

On Friday, November 20, it was reported that a Wipeout contestant had passed away after competing in an obstacle course while filming. The cast member started to have chest pains sometime after completing the course. Although on-set medics treated him and immediately transported him to a hospital, the male contestant died. A TBS spokesperson told […]

Here’s Where Dolly Parton’s ‘Christmas on the Square’ Was Filmed

If this end of year needed anything, it certainly needed Dolly Parton. Not only is funding coronavirus vaccine research, she’s also making iconic Christmas movies just like Christmas on the Square. With all the gloom and doom these days, it’s totally understandable that fans want to know where Dolly’s soon-to-be-classic Christmas movie was filmed in […]

Forgiving yourself can feel impossible. But here’s a proven way to do it.

Most of us are our own worst critics. We bully ourselves when we fall short of perfection, carry around past regrets, and refuse to let ourselves off the hook for any transgressions. Unless this cycle is stopped, it can lead to persistent self-inflicted suffering. Studies show that those who have a hard time forgiving themselves […]

Here’s Why Some Experts Think Next-Gen Consoles May Be So Hard To Buy Right Now

Getty Image The race to get new consoles was one accomplished by Microsoft and Sony, at least in getting their next-gen video game systems to market in the first place. Actually buying Microsoft’s Xbox Series S or X, or Sony’s pair of PlayStation 5 devices, however, is proving to be a much more challenging feat […]

Does Dean Die in the ‘Supernatural’ Series Finale? Here’s What Happens

After 15 whole seasons, Supernatural is coming to an end tonight. Fans were offered a Supernatural documentary special, Supernatural: The Long Road Home, which aired at 8 p.m. EST as a way to warm up for the final episode (or perhaps to soften the blow that was coming). But no matter how prepared we thought […]