That Grubhub Commercial Is a Meme Now Because People Hate It so Much

If you watch live television, then chances are you’ve seen that Grubhub commercial — you know, the one featuring a montage of animated characters doing a “delivery dance” while eating various take-out food? Yeah, that one. Ever since the ad dropped in late 2020, it’s received a torrent of negative reactions — mostly because the […]

Apple Has Reportedly Threatened To Ban Trump-Friendly Parler Unless It Moderates Hate Speech And Organizing Violence

Getty Image Donald Trump was permanently banned from Twitter on Friday, and if he’s looking for a social media alternative he may be running out of luck with MAGA-friendly Parler. The social media site, deemed a safe space for violent rhetoric without fear of censorship, may be in trouble with Apple after Trump helped fan […]

Why Does Robert Pattinson Hate ‘Twilight’? It’s Sort of Complicated

There’s nothing like hearing Edward Cullen bash the Twilight movies to break your middle school girl heart. While the movies helped launch careers of actors like Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, the stars have also never been shy about sharing their true feelings about their involvement in the movies. Did Robert actually hate the movies […]

10 affordable home gym ideas that actually work for people who hate going to the gym

They say love is the greatest gift of all. And that gift usually comes in the form of calories and carbs during the holidays. So what better way to show you care than providing your loved ones with everything they need to turn that “amore” into “a-less.” Here are 10 great ideas for anyone looking […]