4044 M&M’s Challenge (17,690 Calories)

4044 M&M’s Challenge (17,690 Calories) Get Honey for FREE ▸ http://joinhoney.com/mattstonie And don’t forget to enter the Great Honey Giftaway! Thanks Honey for sponsoring! A couple weeks back I competed in MLE’s Halloween Candy Eating Competition, and I had (& still have) lots of left over candy from contest prep. So we’re eating all the […]

Halloween Hijinks | Homestar Runner

Video Details 41 views (19 from today) Uploaded Oct 29, 2020 at 03:16AM EDT Origin Entry Homestar Runner Credit Uploaded by homestarrunnerdotcom via YouTube Video Description The gang assembles on that ol’ spooky silhouette hill to debate which level of Halloween hijinks are most appropriate. click to expand Tags homestar runner, hijinks, halloween, cartoon, animation, […]

’13 Going On 30′ Star Who Played Young Jenna Recreates Jennifer Garner’s Character For Halloween

This Halloween was a bit different than most. But no matter what, it was still an excuse to dress up in a fun costume. Even if celebrities didn’t have anywhere to go, they still dazzled us with funny and charming attire. Kim Kardashian dressed up as Carole Baskin, Jennifer Garner dressed like a grandma emoji, […]

Tony Hawk Went as Larry David for Halloween and It’s Pretty Good

  Tony Hawk dressed as Larry David for Halloween and then tore up a skate park. In the history of Halloween costumes, this is pretty, pretty, pretty good. Also, Tony Hawk’s Twitter Stories of His Random Encounters are Delightful   via Tony Hawk on Instagram     googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘div-gpt-ad-1583941906523-0’); }); Categories: FUNNY, PICTURE OF […]

Rod Wave Took A Tumble When His Stage Collapsed At A Halloween Concert In Atlanta

Getty Image This weekend, many celebrities got into the spooky spirit as they celebrated Halloween with to-the-max costumes. Lil Nas X’s went all-out, disguising himself as Nicki Minaj, and The Weeknd was equally as unrecognizable in his Nutty Professor getup. Though he didn’t don a costume himself, Florida rapper Rod Wave had quite the scare […]