What Happened to Goodtimeswithscar? He Just Got a Brand New Wheelchair

If you’re a fan of Hermitcraft, then there’s a high likelihood you’re already familiar with Goodtimeswithscar, also known simply as Ryan, the popular streamer and social media personality who has effectively become one of the major faces of the Minecraft spin-off series. Article continues below advertisement With more than 1,000,000 subscribers on both YouTube and […]

What Are the Differences Between Characters in ‘Super Mario 3D World’?

Were you expecting to get a little bit of video game history today? No? Well too bad because it’s time to appreciate that the concept behind Super Mario 3D World came up almost completely by accident. Well, that and a combination of capitalism, rushing to meet deadlines, and stark cultural differences between what a “pleasurable” […]

first game with MY SKIN

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One World’ Controversy — Why Some Prefer ‘Story of Seasons’

The Harvest Moon franchise created one of the original farming simulators, letting players grow crops, raise animals, and make friends with the townsfolk. The newest installment in the franchise, Harvest Moon: One World, was released for the Nintendo Switch on March 2, bringing back many of the title’s original concepts, while adding some new features. […]