Andrew Lincoln Has Some Positive News About ‘The Walking Dead’ Movie

AMC It has been over two years now since Andrew Lincoln exited <em>The Walking Dead</em> TV series, and AMC announced that he would star in his own movie (or series of movies). In the intervening 25 months, we’ve learned more about what to expect from the Rick Grimes movie. For instance, the second spin-off series, […]

Here’s Why ‘The Walking Dead’s Upcoming Comedy Spinoff Is A No-Brainer

AMC Last week during <em>The Walking Dead</em> holiday special (available on AMC+), Scott Gimple (the architect of <em>The Walking Dead</em> universe) revealed that he was developing a <em>The Walking Dead</em> comedy spin-off. Assuming it gets the greenlight, it would join <em>The Walking Dead</em> universe along with the two existing spin-offs, <em>Fear the Walking Dead</em> and […]

Officially, ‘The Walking Dead: World Beyond’ Will Lead Directly Into The Rick Grimes Movies

AMC The Walking Dead: World Beyond ended its first season last Sunday with a few twists that ultimately saved a season that started off slowly but picked up dramatically in the last few episodes. As it turns out, Annet Mahendru’s character, Huck, was a mole all along — in fact, her character’s real name is […]

‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Has Been Renewed For Season 7, And May Bring Back Madison (For Real)

AMC AMC renewed Fear the Walking Dead for its seventh season earlier this week, which might have felt like a surprise two months ago — before the debut of season six — but now feels inevitable given the creative resurrection of the series. It felt all the more inevitable when AMC announced that the 11th […]

What ‘The Walking Dead: World Beyond’ Finale Means For The Rick Grimes Movie

AMC For many viewers of The Walking Dead: World Beyond, the chief reason they have been watching is to find out how the series would eventually connect to the mystery surrounding Rick Grimes. As we know, in the ninth season, Rick Grimes was medically evacuated by the CRM on The Walking Dead and taken to […]

The Cryptic Season Finale Of ‘The Walking Dead: World Beyond,’ Explained

AMC After a ten-episode first season of The Walking Dead: World Beyond, the endgame has finally snapped into focus. After previously hinting that Iris was the “asset” that the CRM and Elizabeth were seeking, we learned in the two-hour season finale that it’s actually Iris’s sister, Hope, that CRM wanted all along. Why? Because Hope […]

This Week’s Disturbing ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Episode Resurfaces A Lost Character

AMC (SPOILERS for this week’s Fear The Walking Dead will be found below.) Let me say this right up front: The lost character who resurfaced in this week’s episode of Fear the Walking Dead is not Madison. The fan community is very upset today with some online reviewers for vaguely teasing the possibility of Madison’s […]

Why Exactly Is ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ So Much Better This Season?

AMC Because of when this season of Fear the Walking Dead was interrupted by the pandemic, tonight’s seventh episode will be the midseason finale (the midpoint is usually episode 8). Without spoiling anything, the end of this week’s episode works well as a midseason finale, even if it was unintentional. I find myself incredibly excited […]

‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Pulls Off A Twist That The ‘TWD’ Universe Hasn’t Seen In 8 Years

AMC Somehow, someway, six episodes into the sixth season of Fear the Walking Dead, the series has only managed to get better, improving on each successive episode. Where has this show been for the last six years? If Fear had been this good since the beginning, it might have overtaken the parent series creatively and […]

Negan Casts A Heavy Shadow Over This Week’s ‘Fear The Walking Dead’

AMC Two weeks ago, Sherry and Dwight reunited on Fear the Walking Dead for the first time since season 7 of The Walking Dead, giving us a reunion years in the making. It is maybe no surprise then that, in this week’s episode, the past would catch up with them. The last time Sherry and […]