How Did George Die on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’? His Death Was Super Tragic

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t watched the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy, you should probably do so and then come back. Another Grey’s Anatomy fan-favorite came back from the dead tonight. Not literally, since, as you know, Meredith Grey is currently battling COVID-19 and has been experiencing very vivid hallucinations. First, she was on a […]

Rylo Rodriguez – We Could Never Die (Official Video)

Rylo Rodriguez – We Could Never Die (Official Video) Official Video for “We Could Never Die” by Rylo Rodriguez G.I.H.F. Out Now

Does Vanya Die in ‘The Umbrella Academy’? Here’s What You Need to Know

Everyone seems to be talking about the new Netflix series The Umbrella Academy, which made its streaming debut on Feb. 15. The show is based off a comic book series by the same name and follows a group of estranged siblings who all happen to have superhero powers. The dysfunctional family reunites to solve the […]

Does Frank Die in the Final Season of ‘Shameless’? He’s a Survivor

At this point, Frank is essentially indestructible on Shameless. He has had multiple diseases and injuries over the seasons to the point where he has been incapacitated more than once. If nothing killed him before, it’s hard to imagine what would finally do him in. But, with this being the final season, a final shocking […]

Does Sister Ruth Die in ‘Black Narcissus’? How the Original Book Ends

Like many famous novels, Black Narcissus has been adapted several times since it was first published in 1939. The most famous adaptation is a 1947 film of the same name that stars Deborah Kerr as Sister Clodagh. In 2020, a newer adaptation hit screens around the world in the form of a miniseries. In the […]

29 Stupid Ways to Die in Among Us

29 Stupid Ways to Die in Among Us 29 Stupid Ways to Die in Among Us! For every 200 IQ outplay in Among Us, there’s a -1000 IQ way to die. Whether you’re an impostor, crewmate, or crewstor (if that exists) – these are dumb ways to try and avoid. Among Us is a game […]

How Did Tony Hsieh Die? The Retired Zappos SEO Was in a House Fire

Retired Zappos CEO and visionary entrepreneur Tony Hsieh, 46, died on Friday, Nov. 27, 2020, after sustaining grave injuries in a house fire that broke out in the early hours of Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2020, in New London, Conn.  He was staying at the property owned by Rachael Brown, a woman who is thought to […]

Does Jack Die in ‘Virgin River’? The Season 2 Finale, Explained

At the end of the drama’s second season, Jack tells his law enforcement pal, Mike (Marco Grazzini), that pot farmer Calvin (David Cubitt) is expanding his illicit drug business and venturing into harder drugs. And as Jack waits for Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) in his empty bar, he finds out from Mike that Calvin’s crew had […]