Got My Repossessed F450 Back. The Full Story.

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Hero Dad Loses 2 Jobs After He Gets Injured Shielding His 3 Sons From Gunfire At Car Dealership

Anthony Jefferson recently took his three young sons to a car dealership in the Bronx, New York. They were there looking to buy a car for Anthony’s wife, hoping to surprise her for her upcoming birthday. Anthony and his kids, ages six, five, and two, were sitting on the couch together inside the dealership when […]

Stray dog kept visiting car dealership. So, they gave him a job and his own employee badge.

I know some people use the term “work like a dog” to describe the effort they have put forth. Perhaps out of respect they should be more careful with their words. Some dogs do not stop until they reach the top. Meet Tuscan Prime: canine, and Hyundai Prime’s newest employee, as in badge and everything […]