AMC Releases A First Look At Hilarie Burton As Lucille In ‘The Walking Dead,’ Along With A New Teaser

It’s hard to believe, but the tenth season of The Walking Dead actually began 464 days ago, back in October of 2019. It won’t complete its season 10 run until April 2021, over a year and a half later. When the tenth season of the zombie series began, it was in a completely different place, […]

‘The Walking Dead’ Gives A First Glimpse Of Jeffrey Dean Morgan And Hilarie Burton Performing Together

We have known for over two months now that Hilarie Burton — the real-life wife of Jeffrey Dean Morgan — would be playing the fictional wife, Lucille, of Morgan’s fictional character, Negan, on The Walking Dead. Burton, who met Morgan through his Supernatural co-star Jensen Ackles, will be featured in an episode adapted from “Here’s […]

Dead Kennedys Tweet Support for Romney; Former Singer Outraged

Dead Kennedys, the legendary San Francisco-based punk band who once rhymed “Ronald Reagan” with “fascist cravings,” tweeted support for Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) yesterday as part of an active day on the platform. The band’s iconic former lead singer expressed outrage at the move. *First Published: Jan 7, 2021, 4:48 pm Phil West Phil West […]

The Original Dead Kennedys Singer Is Fuming After The Band Tweeted Support For Mitt Romney

Getty Image Today, the day after the riot at the Capitol Building, has seen a lot of takes on social media about yesterday’s events, some good and some bad. A lot of folks aren’t pleased with how the iconic punk group Dead Kennedys chose to respond, and that includes the band’s original singer, Jello Biafra. […]

Four dead after Trump supporters ransack Congress 🔴 @BBC News live – BBC

Four dead after Trump supporters ransack Congress 🔴 @BBC News live – BBC Subscribe and 🔔 to OFFICIAL BBC YouTube 👉 Stream original BBC programmes FIRST on BBC iPlayer 👉 🔘 Subscribe and 🔔 @BBC News 👉 🔘 Stream BBC News live on BBC iPlayer 🔴 🔘 Coronavirus / Covid-19 👉 […]

‘Woman shot dead’ after pro-Trump mob storms US Capitol

‘Woman shot dead’ after pro-Trump mob storms US Capitol Police have confirmed that a woman who was shot earlier during the Capitol riots has died due to her injuries. Earlier today supporters massed outside Congress – and then forced their way in – leading to the suspension of the session which was due to confirm […]

Who Is in the ‘Dexter’ Revival Cast? Some Characters Are Still Dead

When Showtime’s Dexter ended in 2013, plenty of fans were disappointed. The genius serial killer who had spent the series narrowly evading, but successfully getting away from authorities ended the show in hiding. It was anticlimactic for some, especially since many fans weren’t pleased with the final season overall. Now that the Dexter revival is […]