Man gets his cable bill reduced by serenading customer service with a catchy song

Do you know that guy who has never had an issue with his TV/internet provider? Neither do I. If you claim you have never had issues with your bill going up without warning, then you are either lying or you own the cable company. Jake Lawson apparently does not own a cable company, and was […]

Starbucks Barista Communicates With Deaf Customer In The Drive-Thru Using ASL

When you’re in school, you’re often allowed to choose a language to learn. For most of us, the choice is between Spanish and French. But, a few lucky schools also offer American Sign Language. American Sign Language, also known as ASL, is a great way to communicate better with the deaf community. One of the […]

People Who Worked Customer Service Jobs Share the Craziest Customer Complaints They’ve Ever Gotten

Only the people who’ve had experience working in customer service truly understand what a minefield it can be. Sure, most people are reasonable and understanding. But every once in a while, you interact with a truly irrational human being, someone whose behavior can only be described by the phrase “brain worms.” And of course, those […]

Customer Service (Ep. 3) | Awkward Puppets

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Teller Shares Photo of Rare $1000 Bill a Customer Brought in to Deposit

  Bank teller and reddit user, 3BirbsInARainCoat, shared this photo of a rare $1000 bill from 1934. The teller told the customer he could accept the bill at face value, but urged the customer to try and find a collector that would likely pay more than face value for it. According to   $500, […]

These Customer Service Reps Outright Flirted With the People They Were Helping

Often, when you reach out to a company’s customer service chat, it’s because you’re experiencing a problem with your order or the product. You’re probably feeling frustrated and annoyed that you have to take this time out of your day to deal with this. But sometimes, the customer service reps get a little flirty! After […]

What It’s Like Dealing With Customer Service Online

What It’s Like Dealing With Customer Service Online Hi there hello please subscribe so I can feed my cats. Twitter/Instagram: @TheRyanGeorge We’re sorry to hear about your experience with our company. Kindly DM us the details so we can further assist you! 🙂

Woman Outraged After Customer Who’s Not Wearing A Mask Purposely Coughs On Her In Bagel Shop

Another day, another so-called “Karen” caught on camera. Ally Goodbaum was at a bagel shop in Manhattan when she noticed a female patron coughing near her in line — and the patron was not wearing a mask and not covering her mouth as she coughed. Ally says she politely alerted one of the employees with […]