‘Fox & Friends’ Host Steve Doocy Appears To Have Completely Turned On Trump

Trump’s been bleeding allies left and right since he incited a violent uprising on Capitol Hill last week, but he’s now starting to lose the support of his favorite news network. The talking heads on Fox & Friends — Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade, and Ainsley Earhardt — gathered to break down the Democrat’s push to […]

20 Times Redditors Had A Completely Mundane Paranormal Experience

A lot of people have had some experiences in their life that make them ask, “Is this paranormal?” However, some of these are far more unique than others. Twitter account Unexplained Occurrences collects all the best (not so) otherworldly experiences shared by Redditors, with some of the best examples below. Clearly, not every strange phenomenon […]

Jerry Seinfeld said daily meditation and lifting weights have completely changed his life

Jerry Seinfeld has been one of the keenest observers of the human condition for over five decades. Albeit most of his observations have been brilliant dissections of the mundane, most famously socks, chips ‘n dip, and sports jerseys. However, earlier this month the comedian got serious on Tim Ferriss’ podcast, revealing the two routines that […]

A Georgia Election Official Completely Lost It On Trump’s ‘Easily, Provably False’ Voter Fraud Claims

Poor Georgia. For the last two months the state has borne the brunt of the fallout of Donald Trump’s election loss. Not only does it have a Senate runoff that could flip the Senate, effectively removing the GOP from most kinds of real power. They’ve also had to endure the outgoing president’s ire — his […]

Watch a ‘Kindergarten Cop’ reunion get completely surprised by Arnold Schwarzenegger

Watch a ‘Kindergarten Cop’ reunion get completely surprised by Arnold Schwarzenegger Six of the former “kids” of “Kindergarten Cop” reunited to reminisce with Yahoo Entertainment about the movie for its 30th anniversary. They had no idea that their old teacher, Mr. Kimble (Arnold Schwarzenegger), would make a surprise appearance. Arnold shows up @ 35:26. ** […]

A clever family’s cake cutting hack will completely change your birthdays from now on

There are a few types of people who always show up around the dining room table when the birthday cake arrives. There’s the dutiful person who is nice enough to volunteer to cut and serve the cake for everyone. There’s the person who begs for the piece with the most frosting. Then there’s the person […]