Christian Wood Called Shaq ‘A Casual’ After The HOFer Admitted To Not Knowing About Him Before Thursday

Getty Image The <em>Inside the NBA </em>crew is the most well known group of NBA analysts on television, but you&#8217;d be hard-pressed to find anyone that would consider them the group most dialed in on the league &#8212; Kenny Smith notwithstanding. Shaq and Charles Barkley&#8217;s understanding of the game of basketball is unassailable as Hall […]

Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez Called Out Conservatives More Worried About Twitter Follower Counts Than A Coup And A Pandemic

Getty Image Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez has spent the days following Wednesday&#8217;s attempted coup criticizing Senator Josh Hawley for whining about losing a book deal after helping incite the violence. She&#8217;s also supported a second impeachment of Donald Trump if he does not resign, which looks increasingly unlikely as the days pass. But on Sunday she called […]

Sacha Baron Cohen Called The Trump Twitter Ban ‘The Most Important Moment In The History Of Social Media’

Getty Image Sacha Baron Cohen played a small role in what became the fall of Donald Trump: He tricked his attorney Rudy Giuliani into participating in a shocking and humiliating fake interview for his sequel to Borat. But the performer isn’t just kidding around. He’s broken character on multiple occasions to call out social media […]

Why Is Pence Being Called “Mr. President”? Was the 25th Amendment Invoked?

An angry mob of violent, pro-Trump protesters stormed the Capitol building while the Congress was certifying Biden’s upcoming presidency. The aftermath has some journalists and politicians calling for Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th amendment, which would effectively remove Trump from power.  Twitter users have noticed that Vice President Pence is being called […]

Newsletter: Concealer for men called War Paint dragged in debate on toxic masculinity

Sponsored Tired of feeling stressed about making it to the grocery store? We hear you––which is why we’re big fans of ButcherBox. It’s a meat delivery service that specializes in humanely raised, sustainably harvested products. They’re also running a deal for new members that gets you 10 pounds of meat for free. Now that’s a […]

‘Baked Alaska’ Called For ‘Civil War’ Prior To Storming Capitol

Prominent white nationalist Tim Gionet, known online as “Baked Alaska,” was filmed calling for civil war just weeks before storming the Capitol in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday. — Brandon Wall (@Walldo) January 6, 2021 Gionet was also seen in the office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and reportedly joked about calling the president. Question, […]

‘Late Night’ Host Seth Meyers Has Called For Trump To Be ‘Immediately Removed From Office’

Jimmy Kimmel wasn’t the only one late-night host with a lot to say about the pro-Trump domestic terrorists storming the Capitol building on Wednesday. The Late Show host Stephen Colbert went “unexpectedly live” to address the Republican politicians responsible for the riots, while Late Night‘s Seth Meyers soberly called for President Donald Trump to be […]

Of Course Rudy Giuliani Called The Wrong Senator While Attempting To Slow Down The Senate’s Electoral Vote Count

Getty Image Despite Donald Trump&#8216;s campaign to overturn the 2020 election resulting in a violent, attempted coup on Wednesday, Rudy Giuliani soldiered on and continued to call senators in an effort to delay Congress certifying the electoral college vote. But, in true Giuliani style, he did it by accidentally calling the wrong senator and leaving […]

An Enraged Joe Scarborough Unloaded On Capitol Hill Police And Called For The Arrest Of Trump And Giuliani In An F-Bomb-Laced ‘Morning Joe’ Tirade

January 6 — a day forecast by Trump to be a big one for weeks on Twitter — turned out to be a real sh*tshow. The Capitol Hill siege (which began as Mitch McConnell publicly stood up to Trump while Electoral College votes were counted) by a pro-Trump mob, who met little if no opposition […]