Who Plays Aunt Mae on ‘This Is Us’? Details on LisaGay Hamilton

As Randall Pearson (Sterling K. Brown) continues to struggle with his identity and connect the dots about why his biological mother never contacted him, This Is Us finally answered the character’s (and fans’) questions about Randall’s mother’s background.  In the Jan. 12 episode, “Birth Mother,” Randall finally gets a bit of closure after learning about […]

The original Aunt Viv opened up about how Will Smith ‘ruined’ her career for being ‘difficult’

Being labeled as “difficult” because you refuse to accept a bad situation is almost a rite of passage for women. Unfortunately, that difficult label – whether deserved or not – can make or break a woman’s success. A study conducted at the University of Hamburg’s Department of Economics found, “[D]islikability hurts women] more than likeability […]