Among the most controversial members of President Trump’s cabinet, Stephen Miller tested positive for the coronavirus yesterday. The disease has been making its way through the White House since Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court Justice nomination ceremony two weeks ago. Miller, whose wife Katie Miller had the disease in May, began quarantining over the weekend, working remotely as the Trump administration attempts to contain the spread. In the U.S., the virus has infected more than 7 million people and killed more than 211,000.

“Over the last five days I have been working remotely and self-isolating, testing negative every day through yesterday. Today, I tested positive for Covid-19 and am in quarantine.” Miller said in a statement, reports the New York Times.

Earlier this week, the White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany announced that she also tested positive for COVID-19. Additionally, President Trump returned to the White House, where he is supposedly quarantining, despite conflicting reports from cabinet members that he’s been in and out of the Oval Office.

Stephen Miller isn’t exactly the most popular figure in the Trump White House. The architect of Trump’s immigration policy, as well as a top speechwriter whose credits include Trump’s infamous “American Carnage” inauguration speech, Miller devised the controversial family separation policy. For Trump critics, the treatment of undocumented migrants and their children has long been a sticking point against the administration.

Miller’s unpopularity among people online has resulted in an adverse reaction to his diagnosis, expressing joy and jokes over the announcement.

However, Miller’s diagnosis continues a grave trend for the White House. According to a tweet by Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding, more than 35 people in the president’s orbit have tested positive for the virus. Coupled with the administration’s adverse opinion of CDC guidelines, particularly on social distancing and wearing a mask, the list could grow as members interact with family, friends, members of the press and other White House employees.