Two weeks ago, TikTok user johnson_fran recorded a video in which she asked fellow TikTokers to not duet videos if they have nothing to add to them. But this time, TikTok definitely had something to add, producing arguably the most spectacular duet chain of 2020.

It all started with johnson_fran posting the original TikTok on November 8th.

It would have stopped there, were it not for TikTok user Rytallent, who decided that he did have something to add – his arm. And a few days after that, stephenbrown_80 contributed his belly to cement the foundation of the budding meme.

From there, things snowballed, with dozens of users contributing their legs, arms and other body parts to build a Frankenstein of a TikTok chain. While we can’t include them all, you can watch the “canon” chain being build link by link below.

Can we never stop dueting videos like this?