Statistically, your social media avatar is probably a flattering pic of you, or a goofy cartoon character. But why not both? Twitter user @aansontm made an offer the Internet couldn’t refuse: RT and follow and you get your own hand-drawn avi.

What they didn’t say was that they would draw you well, accurately, or even kindly. Some of these drawings are so freaking rude, people couldn’t believe it. And the rest of us are laughing.

No matter how unflattering, some people will always be unfailingly polite about other’s artistic efforts:

No matter how terrifying their illustrated avi is, they accept it with gratitude:

Just kidding. Apparently, a lot more dudes than women are pretty vain:

Like, it’s true that this drawing looks like Sideshow Bob, but it’s also true that my man just got a hand-drawn avi for free, so take it with a thank you!

The men are mad, but if your face looks like a bicycle seat, what else can the artist do but portray what they see?

At a certain point, the drawings became so insulting that people couldn’t help laughing at themselves:

Insult people until they come around:

Eventually, they’ll reach a place of total acceptance. This is what they look like, what they have always looked like.

A beautiful acorn-headed elf of the woods:

But the greatest honor of all was bestowed on Twitter user @AlmightyJoeyy, who was transformed into the Internet’s greatest hero: Arthur the aardvark.

An avatar to treasure forever, because it’s the same as John Legend’s.

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