In November 1969, American children and their families were given a gift: the first episode of Sesame Street aired on public television stations on the 10th of the month. In the decades that have followed, children around the world have been able to enjoy the truly incredible programming that Sesame Street provides.

The show has never shied away from tacking conversations and topics that might be tough to have with young children, and the team manages to do so with a level of competence and grace that is unmatched. So it should come as no surprise that Sesame Street will be back at it later this month when it airs a 30-minute special about racism.

Many parents, especially white parents, in the United States, struggle to talk about racism with their young children. Many parents, especially Black parents, in the United States, don’t get the luxury of getting to struggle to talk about what they encounter and live every single day of their lives. This reality makes Sesame Street’s upcoming episode all the more powerful, as it will allow parents and children to watch the episode together, and it will allow organic conversations to flow as a result.

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