In 1962, 2 scientists developed a formula of love with the help of which harmonious couples of different men and women can be established. The formula was finalized by a third scientist who won the Nobel Prize in 2012.

Bright Side found out how to find a suitable partner without betraying one’s own expectations.

Step 1: Define what traits of the other person are important to you.

Divide a piece of paper into 2 columns. In the first column, write down 5 traits your possible partner should possess. In the second column, write 5 traits that you won’t be able to stand.

Step 2: Choose those who fit those requirements by 99%.

Among everyone you know, choose the most attractive person in accordance with your list. Perhaps, Lady Luck will smile at you immediately and you’ll find the love of your life at once. The main thing is that you should also suit the other person’s expectations.

Step 3: What you should do if you are rejected:

If you were rejected by your chosen person, then choose the next person who you like and who possesses the necessary set of traits. Don’t forget to work on yourself to increase your own appeal in the eyes of your potential partner.

Step 4: Don’t settle for less and don’t return to your past.

Choose only those potential partners who possess at least 75% of the positive traits on your list. Then there is a high probability that when the initial state of passion ends, your mutual love will stay. Don’t yield to temptations and pressure from those around you.

If your relationship ends, start with step 1. Enjoy being by yourself and make the circle of your acquaintances wider.

How does it work for different people?

Let’s imagine a group of 3 women and 3 men. This is what their lists look like:

Each of them knows exactly what their list of preferences in their potential partners is like. Lisa and Zoe like all 3 men while Sonya likes only 2 men. While Arny likes only Sonya.

In the beginning, each of the women shows her attraction to the man that’s at the top of her list.

The men do the same.

Unfortunately, there are no couples so far because there is no mutual attraction. Now the women show that they’re attracted to the second man on their list.

The men also widen their preferences and approach the second ladies from their lists. Arny is still interested only in Sonya.

If a woman is approached by 2 men from her list, she will choose the one who is first on her list.

For example, Lisa was immediately attracted to Mark although she was second on his list. As for Mark, his favorite was Zoe, but she doesn’t agree to date him because he is her last preference. That is why Mark approaches both Zoe and Lisa.

Nick approached Lisa from the very beginning. But he wasn’t her favorite. That is why when Mark, her number one, starts courting her, this couple is formed.

As a result, 2 couples are established:

Sonya didn’t find a suitable partner who is apparently not among those 3. Arny also couldn’t date Sonya, so he is temporarily alone.

That’s how dating websites work. Some people you exclude immediately, others you just talk to, and you meet with only those who are your favorites.

The secret of this formula is that it includes the requirements of both parties. A man forms a couple only with the woman who is ultimately interested in their union.

Nowadays, this algorithm is used in schools in their selection of students, medical doctors’ assignments to hospitals, and even in the search for kidney donors.

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