It seems that three days can’t go by without Donald Trump being caught doing something absolutely embarrassing and it being plastered all over the news.

Support for the president may be steadily waning from his constituents, but that hasn’t stopped the former reality TV star from popping up in the headlines. And while he does, some people just can’t help but feel bad for his wife, Melania.

She’s often been the butt of many ruthless jokes.

And although SNL is almost definitely referencing Melania in this sketch to ultimately make people laugh, the bit ended up being surprisingly touching.

In it, actor Kumail Nanjiani plays a call center employee who happens to get Melania on the line, and they end up becoming friends.

Now did the writers of the sketch make fun of her vapid, fashion loving persona in the bit? Of course, but they also hit a more existential place that’s very, very easy to relate to.

And if you’ve ever worked in customer service then it’s all too relatable.

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