In January 1982, a treasure trove of antique coins was found in what is now known as the Crow’s Shadow . The hill where the treasure is found rises near the town of Maliq, on the left bank of the Devoll River.

Given its strategic position and surface, the Crow’s Shadow is thought to preserve the ruins of an ancient Illyrian city, of ancient Desaretia, whose identification has not been definitively determined.

The treasury consists of 426 coins of Alexander the Great, 80 Athens coins, 42 coins of Philip III of Macedon, 52 coins of Lysimachus of Thrace, 7 coins of Antioch I Syria, 4 coins of Eumens I of Pergame, 3 coins of Seleucus I Syria.

The discovery of the treasure at the ancient settlement of Crow’s Shadow, which was part of the Desaretia region, sheds light upon the advanced economic development of the area.

The Bank of Albania Museum has on its numismatic floor a part of this treasure, borrowed from the Institute of Archeology.