As her career started taking off, Mulatto and her parents got flak for her stage name.

“When I do shows and there’s older people in the crowd that are more aware of the term, they used to come up to my parents, like, ‘How dare you call yourself this?’ But for me, it’s not that deep. It’s me embracing who I am, and it’s hard to express to someone that wouldn’t know the struggles that mixed people do experience.”

She continued, “So, it’s kind of something that I just brush off my shoulders now. You can’t explain it to people. You wouldn’t understand it because you don’t live it, you know what I’m saying?”

Mulatto said that she and her parents were “very emotional” about the backlash at first. “But eventually, we took it and ran with it. And it’s like, you’re not going to understand it, period. You’re not going to understand. It’s something that me and my family experienced as a biracial family, so it’s not even worth explaining or breaking down to anybody.”

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