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Prince Harry Furious Over Rumors That Meghan Markle Is ‘Banned’ From Wearing Royal Jewels


The royal family is not happy about the recent stories involving Meghan Markle and the Queen’s Royal Collection of jewelry.

Last week, a British paper wrote that Queen Elizabeth had decided NOT to let Meghan wear certain jewels from her Royal Collection, like those worn by Princess Diana. This decision was rumored to be the result of Meghan’s “unimpressive” behavior as well as her lower rank.

It’s a juicy rumor — except that it’s apparently not real. In fact, Prince Harry and the royal family are kind of upset about the story.

“There is anger that these claims circulating are simply not true,” a royal source told the Daily and Sunday Express. “They are rightly incensed.”

Another source explained that the Queen has already lent Meghan jewelry from the Royal Collection, including her wedding tiara. There haven’t really been any other opportunities for Meghan to wear a tiara yet.

“The jewelry in question is only usually worn at extremely special functions or state occasions, and there simply haven’t been many of those since Meghan became a member of the Royal Family,” the source explained.

So, there you have it. Now, can everyone chill out before Prince Harry loses it?!

Source : https://www.littlethings.com/prince-harry-meghan-markle-jewelry-ban-rumor/