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Pregnant Women Are Flocking To Minnesota To Eat This “Labor Inducer” Burger Before Giving Birth


A restaurant in Minnesota is boasting a unique claim: they claim that their “Labor Inducer” burger will send you straight into childbirth.

The story began when co-owner of the restaurant Kelsey Carver tried the burger two weeks before her due date. “I ate the whole cheeseburger and probably finished around 8 pm that night. By 2 am, I had gone into labor.”

The story quickly circulated, and pregnant women from around the county began lining up to try the burger for themselves.

Another mom said, “We came in on my due date at 40 weeks, resigned to the fact that I would be pregnant for another week … of course, I had to get the burger. It was fate, and that night I started contractions.”

The ingredients in the burger may have something to do with its mysterious labor-inducing power. They include an Angus beef patty, bacon, peach caramelized onions, spicy mustard, and Cajun remoulade sauce, with everything sandwiched between two slices of a pretzel bun.

Kelsey goes on to speculate that, “I think it was just the greasy food that my body needed to motivate me to just relax and kick back and push out this baby.”

No word yet if restaurants around the country will begin adding their own versions of the burger to their menus… but it wouldn’t be a surprise if they do.

Source : https://www.littlethings.com/labor-inducer-burger/