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Pregnant Teacher On Bedrest Is Still Teaching Children Virtually From Her Hospital Bed


My parents were both teachers. Seeing what they did firsthand made me realize that teachers need to be protected — especially those who deal with younger students. For one, my mom — who was a first grade teacher — always had work she brought home with her, and papers to grade. But she also taught every moment she could. When we played together, there was often a lesson to be learned. And when she hosted birthday parties, she acted just as if she was in front of her classroom. When she was around young minds, she was in her element.

The interesting thing about teachers is that most of them have had a passion to teach since they were very young. They were built to present new ideas to younger minds. Teachers have also watched the curriculum change so much in the past years. And this year, they’re going through their biggest struggle of all. Can they still be as effective if their classroom is virtual? Will the kids still be as eager to learn?

Janet Udomratsak is taking digital learning to the next level. Not only has she been prepping for her class, but she’s also prepping for her second child. While Janet is in front of a computer pregnant, that computer is located in the hospital. Even during bedrest, she’s dedicated to making this educational year work.

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