This is very… confusing. To say the least.

A California man reportedly crashed his car, striking three other vehicles in his path.

Brock Williams watched in awe as a seemingly drunk driver smashed into the other cars on the street in front of his home.

“He was clearly wasted (he kept falling over) and belligerent. He kept yelling at everyone – especially the cops, firefighters, and tow truck drivers. He claimed his uncle was a congressman,” he wrote on Instagram.

Brock started taking photos and videos of the incident, but things took a truly bizarre turn when the cops showed up.

The LAPD saw the driver was stumbling around, acting aggressively and falling onto the ground. Though he appeared intoxicated, the police apparently performed no field sobriety tests.

Then, the police appeared to let the man leave the scene of the crash he’d just caused.

Residents of this community are in disbelief now that the footage has gone viral. See for yourself in the clip below.

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