Air travel is a stressful experience, especially when you’re running around an airport trying to find a spot to charge your phone or laptop.

Finding a power outlet in a spot where you can relax for a second is a prized commodity in any airport. Being able to comfortably update people on your flight status, or to just sit down and stretch your legs before having to crawl into a cramped air-box is a small comfort.

So what would you do if you’ve been running around your terminal, looking for a place to charge your device and when you try to plug it in, you realize you got royally trolled by a sticker like this.

And while there are tons of people who think that stickers like this are just a downright evil prank to play on someone, there were plenty of others who were more than willing to order a couple and try the prank out for themselves.

Because you could totally just order the stickers on Amazon and get to trolling weary travelers in no time.

And people are uploading photos of them in the wild on Twitter. They just can’t believe that someone would go out of their way to troll someone in need so badly.

And judging by the residue left over on the edges of the stickers, it looks like they’re pretty difficult to remove, as well.

Imagine the excitement this person must’ve felt at happily finding a seat that not only had a window view of the planes and tarmac outside, but an outlet so they could charge their phone. Only to discover that SIKE, it’s a sticker. You got played, better luck next time.

You’d think that people would easily be able to tell the difference between a sticker and the real thing, but because outlets are so flat and the stickers look so convincing, you’re pretty much looking at a 100% bamboozlement rate.

For some, placing the sticker in an airport and subsequently fooling them with said sticker is a declaration of war. And I could understand that.

However some think that there are individuals who deserve to be trolled based on their outlet usage habits. I mean, they do have a point: Why are you taking up the entire outlet? Maybe someone else needs to charge?

But there has to be a level of admiration for an individual who’s willing to go so far as to purchase a product and then bring that product with them to the airport, and take the time out of their own commuting preparations to ruin someone’s day.

If I had to bet money on who it was, I’d say it was airport employees at the various little shops, cafes, and bars, who need to amuse themselves while everyone else around them is ambling about, headed abroad or coming back home.

I just hope that this guy snapped the photo after he found an outlet to charge his phone, otherwise, if you have 5% battery life and really need to use your phone, maybe you shouldn’t be posting to Twitter.

Some of the pranks were so obvious that if you fall for them, you deserve to be laughed at. And although there’s no way to confirm this, I’m assuming the person who tweeted the photo below actually fell for it and sat down next to a trash can. Why else would they have so much rage?

There were some commuters who let their anger get the best of them, and turned their ire to the stickers themselves. At least other people won’t be fooled by the outlets, I guess.

However you feel about the stickers and the people who get tricked by them, it looks like they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Trollers gonna troll.

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