Kids can get on your last nerve and any parent will tell you that. They know exactly how to try your patience, and what makes dealing with them so frustrating is that literally everything you do for them, including rules that they think are lame, is entirely out of love.

So I get that it’s easy to lose your temper with kids. I get that you maybe clean up their toys angrily by throwing them in a toy chest or raising your voice at them after you’ve told them to not pee on the kitchen floor or clean up after themselves for the millionth time.

But I’d wager that even parents who physically or emotionally abuse their kids from time to time don’t feel so good about doing it, and would never even try to argue that their abuse is “justified”. The ones that do are pretty scummy, especially when you consider that all psychological studies show just how harmful it is.


Which is probably why people are readying their pitchforks for this mom, Kaitlyn Wolf, who thought it’d be a good idea to dunk her 3-year-old son’s head in a toilet.

In the video, you can see Wolf holding her son’s arms behind his back and she lowers his head into the toilet bowl. You can hear the child screaming and laughing in the clip.


Understandably, a lot of people were angry at Kaitlyn for putting her kid’s head in a toilet, even if it was just for laughs, as she averred in an interview with WKMG.

“(It) sounds like he’s like, hysterically crying, but he’s not. He’s crying and he’s laughing at the same time. After the video was done … (he) goes, ‘Let’s do it again.””

Kaitlyn went on to insist that she’s not an abusive mother and her children are doing well under her care. The video was reportedly uploaded by her son’s father’s girlfriend.


Kaitlyn also said that the backlash she received in the wake of the video’s viral infamy has been brutal. She’s been getting death threats, with people also saying that she doesn’t deserve to be a mother and that she needs to be shot, buried alive, or run over with a car.

Personally, I’m surprised no one mentioned death by swirlie, but Kaitlyn neither confirmed nor denied that that was one of the threats she received from anonymous, outraged people on the internet.


The swirlie video leaves me with a lot of questions, personally. Namely, why is Kaitlyn holding her son’s arms behind his heads in such a painful-looking manner?

Also, if a kid is screaming while simultaneously laughing, it’s probably because they’re unsure of how to feel about a situation. It could very well be that they don’t like it but are laughing because adults are laughing. You’re not laughing with a kid at that point, you’re laughing at them.

Also, I guess the biggest question of all is that, even if a kid likes getting his head dunked into a toilet, why the heck are you, a good parent, allowing that to happen and condoning it? No matter how much you clean a toilet, people still poop and pee in it. No amount of Ajax or scrubbing bubbles is going to change that and now you’re getting all of that nastiness on your child’s head.


Police are investigating the video along with Kaitlyn’s treatment of her children via the Department of Children and Families. Pending their investigation, she may be administered criminal charges.

“Leesburg Police has received many calls and posts about a recently shared video on Facebook, showing a woman holding her son’s head over a toilet. The incident is already currently under investigation by the Department of Children and Families. Leesburg detectives will be coordinating with DCF on the investigation and forwarding all investigative findings to the State Attorney’s Office, who will review the case and determine if any criminal charges are warranted.” 

Kaitlyn’s story comes hot off the heels of some pretty awful YouTube celebrity family stories that made headlines in the past year. Like Kaitlyn’s toilet-head-dunking fiasco, much of the alleged abuse in the videos are under the guise of pranks


There’s CJ So Cool, a popular YouTuber who often features his children being on the receiving end of some unnaturally cruel gags. So cruel that the authorities were called on CJ after viewers flagged his videos for abuse.

He recently came under fire for sneaking laxatives into his kids’ ice cream, then recording them crying when they complained that their stomachs hurt. As they ran to bathrooms to poop, he filmed them sitting on toilet seats as they tried to shut the bathroom doors he held open. He laughed the entire time.

Then there was his infamous “baby in the pool prank” where he convinced his wife that their child had somehow drowned. She jumped in after her daughter in an attempt to revive her, before discovering she got played.


It’s also hard to forget the time he streamed his wife online, post-miscarriage, for YouTube views. As bad as all of CJ’s videos seem, there are other families out there who are guilty of equally outrageous pranks and video gags.

The parents who run the DaddyOfFive YouTube channel were charged with child neglect over some of the disturbing content showcased in their videos, as well.


Well, I guess at least Kaitlyn never wanted the footage of her child getting his head dunked into a toilet to appear online, so she’s got that going for her. It seems slightly less sleazy when you aren’t trying to make money off of your kids’ misery. (h/t clickorlando)

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