In the U.S., there is an enormous divide between the rich and the poor and it seems to grow wider every day. There also seems to be a huge gap between people who absolutely love billionaires and people who chant “eat the rich” at protests. We are a nation divided over wealthy celebrities.

One of the most divisive celebrities is probably Kylie Jenner, who has amassed such an enormous fortune, she was honored for it in Forbes magazine. Jenner is almost a billionaire, a rare distinction for a woman in this world. Jenner amassed a huge part of her fortune from her cosmetics company, as well as investments and other businesses. Fair enough.

The issue was that Forbes described Jenner as “self-made,” which ruffled a lot of feathers. For as much work as she’s done and will continue to do to keep her money on track, Jenner started off way ahead of the pack. She was born into money. She’ll always have money, no matter what. It made a lot of people sit up and show what being self-made really looks like:

All of the clapbacks meant Forbes was already getting a lot of hate-traffic when the New York Daily News decided to jump on the troll wagon and tweet, “19-year-old Kylie Jenner is worth $900 million and on pace to become the youngest self-made billionaire ever. What are you doing with your life?”

Incredible! What have I done with my life? Um, plenty. I just ate a banana, so I’m getting a lot of potassium. Thinking about working out later. The usual.

Well, there are a lot of other people who are far more accomplished and impressive, and they also had an answer. They’ve been doing a lot:

That’s a lot of life-saving, an almost ridiculous amount. Has Jenner done that?

Surviving is a big theme:

Adventuring and making strides in the world is another. Jenner has done a lot, but she’s never built a robot. Probably.

In some cases, people are making literal history with their accomplishments, even if there isn’t a dollar amount attached:

This person claims to have campaigned successfully against smoking, so depending on how much you enjoy smoking, you might love or hate them:

A lot of people have come really far in their lives, starting with nothing and eventually pulling themselves up to the top through hard work and a little luck:

And some people are doing really simple things that require sacrifice—and make a big difference to the people they do it for.

There’s also the folks literally fighting cancer:

But my favorite people might be the ones doing nothing particularly important, because no one needs to be at their peak at 19. No one has to do anything in fact, except live and treat others well. Or tweet about sheep.

Sounds dope. Let’s all live our lives like having money isn’t the only thing of value in the world.

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