There are few people who can embarrass you more than your own family.

That’s because they know all of your deepest, darkest secrets. They watched you grow up and all the weird phases you went through, both physical and social. All the strange TV obsessions, your love of a specific anime character that was borderline creepy, some terrible band you fangirled over and now wouldn’t want to be caught dead listening to – they know it all.

But sometimes families can embarrass you because, well, they’re just embarrassing people themselves.

It could be that you and your entire family engaged in some cringeworthy behavior. But the onus of that cringe shouldn’t fall on you, as a child. Your parents should’ve known better.

Like Papa Coverdale over here.

Or maybe there’s just that one person in your family who was always a drama queen.

The pyramid structure in this photograph is what really ties the whole thing together, doesn’t it? The screaming toddler at the forefront, the vacant expressions of the babies who don’t know any better. The one kid in the blue zip up sweater looking slightly off to the left. It’s accidental renaissance at its finest.

Here’s another completely normal, pleasant family, and the one kid who doesn’t want to be seen with them for whatever reason.

Isn’t it just the worst when you get photobombed…and not even by a member of your own species?

We’ve all been at family gatherings and encountered that one person who’s been clamoring since before the festivities begin that we all need to get a group photo. When everyone finally does get wrangled up, they hold up their camera like this.

Maybe Aunt Luanne shouldn’t be in charge of taking the pictures, yeah?

Then there are some pictures that just need to be burned from the album.

I mean I’m into some hippy stuff, but this is some real hippy stuff. I wondered how they convinced the person at JC Penny to take these?

I never thought that “pet placement” could ever truly be a problem in a family photograph. I was wrong.

Very, very wrong.

Kids don’t always cooperate and each child has their own way of expressing their disdain for your wishes.

I’m actually digging mini Axl Rose’s look right here compared to the Rick Moranis family.

The worst is just waiting for someone to actually take the photo. Grandpa knows the struggle – he only has so much time left and doesn’t want to waste it on a bunch of BS.

Sometimes, you need to get your selfies down just perfect, no matter how weird.

And some families are just cringe factories.

While others are just super, duper creepy.

At the end of the day, family is family. Even if they all pose naked together in “tasteful” black and white photos.

Or take dorky pictures in enormous trees.

Or are were really fond of perms.

Or your father is a Centaur at the renaissance fair.

Because at least you have some shared interests with your family, sometimes.

And even if they’re weird, they’re your weird family.

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