Buying the best products doesn’t always mean spending the most money, any headphone freak will tell you that

And, as it turns out, there are tons of relatively cheap products you’ve probably never thought to buy that’ll actually make a huge difference in your daily life.

A bunch of people in a recent AskReddit thread shared the best things they purchased for $100 or less, and although some of the finds were lucky deals, it turns out there’s a ton of cheap products on this list that’ll give you a major quality of life boost.

Moviepass…in some areas.

Moviepass, until they realized they’re going to go bankrupt.


I got it at the wrong time myself…right when they made all the changes and a bunch of theaters bowed out.

Bluetooth Radio Transmitter.

Definitely my Bluetooth Radio Transmitter. Cost me $30 on Amazon. it plugs in to my cars cigarette lighter port and pretty much highjacks a radio station and allows me to connect my phone via Bluetooth to the cars speakers even though my car is old as s–t. And to think I almost dropped $200 on a new Bluetooth Radio…


Can definitely attest to this, I bought one and have no regrets. Thing works like a charm, just make sure you’re selecting the right vacant station by using this handy dandy tool.

OkCupid Premium Profile.

I spent 20 bucks to find [out] who liked my profile on OkCupid. That girl is now my wife.


A night out at Applebee’s doesn’t seem like a bad exchange for finding the love of your life.

Attachable Bidet.

Bidet attachment for my toilet. Best $35 I ever spent. Life-changing.


Warning: If you do get one of these it makes pooping anywhere outside of your home a way crappier (sorry!) experience.

Spotify with Student Discount.

Spotify premium $5 student deal. I use it every day.


Bonus: it also comes with Hulu.


No question, it’s the Bug-A-Salt 2.0. It’s a pump-action air gun that shoots table salt (costs around $40). They market it for flies but it works especially well for mosquitos. I love blasting those a–holes out of the sky!



A box of condoms to protect against child support. Good so far.


They’ve got a point.

Extra-Long Phone Charging Cable.

I bought a phone charger that is more than twice my height in length by mistake & at first I thought it was really goofy and was gonna return it but it’s actually awesome & I’m never going back to short cords!


Pressure Washer.

A used pressure washer. It’s like a drug using that thing.


Some brand-new models cost a lot more than $100, but if you can pick them up used, your home and sidewalk will look crisp forever. You could also get this small one from Amazon.

Friggin’ Good Knives.

I have 2 Victorinox knives: a chef’s knife and a paring knife. $40 and $7 respectively, and I got a long honing steel for another $8.

I’d only ever used terrible or dull knives before. Using sharp knives and maintaining that sharpness has changed the way I cook. I’m far more confident and in control in the kitchen, and every time my boyfriend uses my knives, he’s jealous of how sharp they are.


Eno Hammock.

My eno hammock. Best purchase I’ve ever made over or under $100.


For serious lounging.

This Game.

I spent $5.99 on the mobile Rollercoaster Tycoon Classic game and I play it every single day. I miss being a kid.


A Decent Set of Pens.

Good pens (Pentel RSVP 0.5, 2 for $6) for writing lots of notes in lectures.


You can never underestimate a good writing utensil.

A Best Friend.

$75 to the pound, got the best dog ever.


That is a good deal for a good boy.

Waterpik Flosser.

$40 waterpik water flosser. For the first time in my life I have decent teeth.


Your mouth will never feel cleaner than when you’re done using this bad boy.

A Jet Boat.

I bought an old fire boat from a scrapyard for $100 years ago, ended up trading it for an amazing jet boat with a 454. I was 16 and all these years later, my $100 jet boat still lives!!!


Sony MDR-7506 Headphones.

Easy… my Sony MDR-7506 headphones. I live in an apartment building with 59 other tenants and the walls are paper thin. I’ve had mine since 2012 and other than having to replace the ear pads a time or two, they’ve held up very well.


A Nice Fragrance.

I love really nice perfumes and have a collection of many luxury scents. My boyfriend makes sweet comments about how much he loves my perfumes and that he wants to get some nice cologne, but he didn’t want to spend that much money on one. So, the other day he came with me to Sephora, and I was smelling and testing perfumes. He tested out a Dior cologne, really enjoyed it, but then realized the price. I could tell he really fancied that cologne, so I bought it right then and there for him.

He tells me every day how much he loves it and all the compliments he gets. It may not be as cool or interesting as other things, but my boyfriend’s joy was enough to make my heart happy.

Edit: The cologne was Dior Sauvage.


Multiples of Cheap Items/Goods.

A sh–load of dish towels.

I decided a couple of years ago that I was going to make a conscious effort to deal with all the minor irritations in my life. First on the list was the fact that I never had a dish towel clean and on-hand when I needed one. Boom! Problem solved. That tiny little frustration that I experienced multiple times a day — wiping up spills, getting something out of the oven, putting a hot tray down on a work surface — was gone immediately.

So I started branching out to other things. Ever spent more than two minutes looking for a pair of tweezers? Or a corkscrew? Well, they’re cheap. Buy multiples! Have them on hand! Get that minor annoyance out of your life!

(Here’s where someone invariably points out that I could just always make sure that I put them in the same place and solve the problem that way, but let’s be real: Have you never accidentally knocked something small down the side of the couch? Or lent it to someone and had them not return it for ages? Or even just moved on to something more important, like when you’re using tweezers to pull something gross like a shard of glass out of your foot? Having multiples means that you’ve got a nice little buffer in case your perfect plan goes astray.)


Car Phone Holder.

That thing you clip into your car’s A/C vent to hold up your phone.


Nothing better than not getting into an accident while following your navigation.

What are some of your favorite purchases that didn’t break the bank?

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