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New Hampshire Mom ‘Pissed’ When State Tries To Take Away ‘PB4WEGO’ License Plate


Parents everywhere can relate to Wendy Auger’s license plate. The New Hampshire mom’s vanity license plate reads “PB4WEGO.”

“That’s what I tell my kids when we’re about to leave to go anywhere,” Wendy said.

The clever mom says she’s had the “pee before we go” license plate for 15 years. “Almost every time I’m driving, I get people taking pictures of it, people laughing, waving,” she said. Recently, however, the state of New Hampshire decided the message was inappropriate.

Wendy received a letter from the state of New Hampshire telling her plate “is being recalled” because of a ban on plates referring to “excretory acts or functions.”

“I was pissed!” she said—pun intended—of the ruling on her funny license plate.

Wendy’s friends didn’t like the decision either. Friend Corey West took to Facebook to bring attention to his friend’s plight and to make it go viral.

“Wendy’s license plate that shes had for 15 years is now deemed inappropriate by the state. She has to surrender it in 2 days. Please share if you agree that this is ridiculous,” the post said. And viral it went. The widely shared post caught the attention of Gov. Chris Sununu, who contacted the Division of Motor Vehicles and urged them to allow Wendy to keep the license plate.

“Yes, it was a relief,” she said, more pun intended.

Watch the video below to hear what Gov. Chris Sununu had to say about the punny plate.

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