When Charlie, a mom from the UK, gave birth to her twin sons Harry and Oliver, she expected everything to unfold without a hitch.

Doctors said the boys were happy, healthy babies.

Looking back now, she realizes there were red flags she hadn’t noticed. Prenatal ultrasound scans showed Oliver’s normal profile, while Harry’s profile showed a lesser defined mass.

It wasn’t until Harry was born that doctors diagnosed him with Goldenhar syndrome, a very rare and very serious condition that left him with only half his face.

On one side of his face, Harry had no ear, no eye, and an underdeveloped jaw.

Charlie said she was “numb” when she saw him for the first time. But now, 12 years later, she has nothing but gratitude for her beautiful son.

Not only does Harry have a facial disfigurement, but he also has nonverbal autism.

And on top of everything, Charlie has revealed just how badly he has been bullied throughout the course of his life, just because of his appearance.

“When he was a baby, children would cry and run away from him,” Charlie told Barcroft. “They would point and follow him around. He has been called a freak, a Halloween monster, ugly boy.”

But there’s always been one person in Harry’s life, other than his mom, who Harry can always depend on: his beloved and fiercely protective twin brother, Oliver.

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