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Mom Comes Home To Find Teens Covered Her House In Toilet Paper But Responds By Applauding Them


Aubrey Depree Seymour has lived in San Clemente, California since 2001. She and her family own a beautiful home with a spacious front yard and lots of greenery.

Recently, Aubrey arrived home to find a group of teens had covered her house and the whole front yard in endless strands of toilet paper. The TP was everywhere — hanging from trees, stuck to the bushes, scattered along the driveway and drooped over their cars. The pranksters used up 72 rolls of toilet paper to complete their mission.

It was no easy clean-up, either. Aubrey’s oldest son rushed to remove as much toilet paper as he could before the sprinklers came on and turned it into pieces of wet mush… and they had to leave the rest behind since they had a volleyball tournament all weekend.

When Aubrey reviewed the footage captured by her doorbell camera, she quickly recognized the four sneaky boys: they’ve known her teenage son since elementary school.

She took to Facebook to post a photo of her TP’d property, along with a message for the culprits. “To the kids that TP’d our house last night, I have a few choice words for you…” she began in her now-viral post.

But it’s the rest of Aubrey’s response to the epic prank that’s causing such a stir…

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