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Middle School Boys Talk Woman Out Of Taking Her Own Life While Dangling Off Bridge


The Kepler Neighborhood School’s volleyball team is comprised of seventh and eighth-grade boys from Fresno, California.

Recently, the team was warming up for after-school practice and jogging along the Stanislaus Bridge. A couple of the boys noticed a middle-aged woman waving at them, so they kindly waved back. But seconds later, the team caught a second glance at her and were met with a horrifying sight.

The woman, who police say is 47 years old, was suddenly hanging off the bridge. She was dangling from the concrete edge, using nothing but her arm to hold her up. She was on the brink of falling from 100 feet high in the air. Authorities say she was considering ending her life. Every second counted.

The boys called out for their coach, Elliott Murray, who immediately called 911. Meanwhile, he instructed the team to stay near the woman and say whatever words of encouragement they needed to in order to talk her out of letting go.

These middle schoolers did exactly what their coach told them to — and became heroes.

Watch the video below to see the compassion and quick-thinking that saved a life that fateful day.

Source : https://www.littlethings.com/teens-talk-woman-bridge/