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Michelle Malkin Temporarily Suspended From Twitter for Threat


Far-right columnist Michelle Malkin‘s Twitter account was temporarily suspended on Wednesday afternoon for violating the platform’s violent threats policy.

The tweet in question, which Twitter said was in direct violation of their terms of service, was sent out by Malkin on May 29.

“In case I wasn’t clear: Violent criminal looters should be shot,” Malkin wrote.

A Twitter spokesperson told the Daily Dot, “The account is temporarily locked out for a Tweet that violates our violent threats policy.”

The “violent threats policy,” which Twitter referred to states on their website that “threatening to kill someone” goes against their community guidelines.

Malkin, who has over two million followers, said on Wednesday afternoon that she had appealed Twitter’s initial ruling, which included a mandate that she agree to take down the threatening tweet.

According to messages the Daily Dot reviewed on Malkin’s Telegram channel, she wrote in her appeal to Twitter that she is “an advocate for PEACE,” adding that there was “nothing abusive or harassing” about her tweet.

Malkin didn’t respond to a request for comment from the Daily Dot regarding her Twitter suspension.

The far-right columnist recently has recently taken to helping white nationalist Nick Fuentes court Turning Point USA mega-donor Foster Friess. Malkin, who belives Turning Point isn’t conservative enough, sees Friess as a means to fund a far-right student group which is being launched by Fuentes.

Malkin was also hired by Newsmax TV to be a “prime-time Newsmax contributor” and host for the network. The Daily Dot reached out to Newsmax TV regarding her tweet but didn’t receive a response.


*First Published: Jun 3, 2020, 4:23 pm

Zachary Petrizzo

Zachary Petrizzo is an undergraduate student at George Mason University and a Washington, D.C. based journalist.

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