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Meghan McCain Mourns The Loss Of Dad John McCain’s Dog: ‘She Would Never Leave His Side’


The McCain family has been going through a rough time. The passing of John McCain last August after a battle with brain cancer left the family devastated. Senator McCain had an incredible political career and served his country in one way or another until the very end. His legacy lives on through his seven children and wife, Cindy.

Meghan McCain has spoken about her father a lot. The two were very close and Meghan has served as the family’s voice. As the family works through the grieving process, they’ve been delivered another tough blow that has put them in mourning yet again.

Meghan took to Instagram to share the heartbreaking news that her father’s beloved dog and companion, Burma, passed away. The Chesapeake Bay retriever was a great comfort to his owner in his final days. While Meghan’s posts show that she believes they’ll be reunited in heaven, it surely is still hard for the family to lose another piece of their beloved patriarch.

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