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Man Ignores Abdominal Pain For Years, Then Doctors Remove Over 4000 Gallstones From His Body


Yogesh Yewle had been experiencing increasingly intense pain in his abdomen for years but never expected what his doctors would eventually find.

Metro reports that the 43-year-old had complained of the pain to doctors previously but never sought out a specialist to figure out what was wrong. Instead, he would just treat the pain with over-the-counter pills, including painkillers and antacids, which would temporarily fix the problem. But the pain frequently resurfaced.

In May 2018, when a particularly bad bout of pain cropped up, Yogesh visited Krishna Hospital in western India. When the doctors performed an ultrasound to diagnose his issue, they found a whopping 4,100 tiny gallstones lying in his gallbladder. The thousands of tiny stones were all clustered together.

The medical team quickly rushed Yogesh into the operating room, where they performed a single laparoscopy to extract the hardened deposits. According to news reports, it took two members of the hospital’s staff “over two hours” to count the gallstones, which were all between 3mm and 4mm in diameter.

Thankfully, Yogesh responded well to the emergency treatment and was released after only a few days in the hospital. Incredibly, this wasn’t even a world record for number of gallstones. According to the Hindustan Times, the world record belongs to Dr. ML Saha from West Bengal, who removed 11,950 gallstones from a patient in 2015.

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