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Little Boy Wears ‘I Will Be Your Friend’ T-Shirt To Let Classmates Know They Aren’t Alone


Back to school season is upon us. As parents work on checking off items on supply lists, there’s another element of going back to school that’s also important to many: clothing. A back to school outfit can make a child feel confident on the first day and set the tone for the year.

Nikki Rajahn asked her oldest son, Blake, what he’d like on a shirt for the first day of school. She recently started her own personalization business, so the sky was the limit. Blake surprised her with his choice.

Nikki expected her 6-year-old to suggest his favorite superhero, Batman, or his favorite sports team, the Philadelphia 76ers. Instead, he surprised his mom by saying he wanted a t-shirt that says “I Will Be Your Friend.” Nikki took to Facebook to share her pride in her son’s choice. Little did she know that Blake would start a movement, and the shirts would be in major demand.

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