Kids are cute. They’re so cute we don’t even notice what little sociopaths they are most of the time. Part of good parenting is slowly teaching them not to try and destroy the world and everyone around them. We all need to learn what compassion is.

That’s why teachers or other adults in charge of these little monsters sometimes try and engage children with projects that convey this lesson—that other people have feelings, and we should occasionally consider them. 

Haha, nice try! The children can’t be controlled, as you can see in this viral tweet.

Twitter user @Get_A_Cloo shared pictures of some greeting cards made for a nursing home by students, writing, “Kelsey’s students were supposed to write cards to the nursing home and … THESE ARE SO BAD BUT FUNNY.”

They are:

“Did you have a good life?” is exactly the question you want to get from a child when you’re a swinging sixty-five year old.

Kids have a natural curiosity, but the way they ingest info and regurgitate it can be alarming. Yes, some people have issues with health and abilities, but c’mon:

What did Kelsey tell these kids about the elderly, exactly?

Whatever it is, they’re really, really worried about the people in this nursing home.

They must think things are pretty bad in there:

This hilarious reminder that you can’t trust children has been extremely popular, and everyone is picking their favorite absolutely terrible thing a kid wrote:

Others shared stories where they made a similar mistake with the youth:

Though sometimes they were the problem:

Be honest with yourself about the kind of messages you used to scrawl to grandma.

Though she probably love them anyway.

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