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Kid Cudi Appears To Be Teasing Something New Coming Next Week


There is no such thing as a normal release or announcement of something new anymore. Deviating from traditional project rollouts is a good way to get eyes on whatever’s coming, and that might be what Kid Cudi has done today. Last night, he simply tweeted the date for next Friday, writing, “7/10/2020.”


This sort of cryptic message is usually interpreted to mean that whoever tweeted it has something coming on that date, so next Friday could very well bring something new from Cudi. But what could it be? There are a few possibilities for what that day could bring.

Last week, Cudi teased a new animated Kids See Ghosts show with Kanye West, so perhaps that will drop next week. He’s also considered starting a podcast, so maybe the first installment of that is on the way. He could also be releasing new music to follow up his recent No. 1 song with Travis Scott, “The Scotts.” Cudi recently called on Eminem for some sort of “help,” so optimistically, maybe they have something in the works. There’s also the possibility that Cudi just wanted to see what next Friday’s date would look like written out and opted to share his findings with the world.

Whatever the case may be, Cudi doesn’t tend to put a ton of misses out into the world, so whatever might be coming on Friday, it’s probably worth looking forward to.

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