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Kate From ‘Back With the Ex’ Has Changed Partners and Careers — See Where She Is Today



Move over, American reality TV — Australia’s coming for you. From Yummy Mummies to Instant Hotel, it feels like all of the best entertainment these days is coming from down under. And if you’re a fan of cringey dating shows à la 90 Day Fiancé or Ex on the Beach, boy, do we have a treat for you.

Back with the Ex is one of Netflix’s latest Aussie acquisitions and it follows singles as they attempt to rekindle romances with their “one who got away.” The four couples from Season 1 run the gamut when it comes to ages, personalities, and reasons for breaking up in the first place. But no duo has caught fans’ attention more than Kate and her ex, Cam.


So, who is Kate from Back With the Ex?

Viewers will note there is little to no background information about the cast members on the show. Thankfully, we’ve scoured the web for information on Kate and her ex. When we first meet the 22-year-old beauty therapist, she mentions that “first love is definitely the one that hits you the hardest.” And now she wants to see if the “love is still there” with Cam.

“Looking back on my relationship with Cam,” says the Brisbane native, “it’s nothing but happy memories. It was definitely love … There’s no question about it.” 

The high school sweethearts initially broke up after the blonde beauty cheated on him at a party — and after three years of living life apart, they’re committed to seeing if their relationship stands another chance.


But it seems Kate is having a far easier time at putting the past behind her than her ex, who seems unable to get over her infidelity from three years ago. 

Who is Kate’s ex, Cam?

Cameron Bennett, who lives by the motto “Forgive, but never forget” has been heartbroken for the past three years and is struggling to understand why Kate even wants to see him again.

The then-24-year-old bartender cites the time Kate “got drunk at a party and slept with another man” as the moment the trust disappeared between the two of them. “I did think Kate and I were going to be together forever,” he says of their relationship before Kate stepped out.


As Kate tells it, their relationship before the cheating “was perfect.” The couple was “completely smitten with each other,” and spent every waking moment together. Unfortunately, as often happens with young love, they ended up taking each other “for granted a little bit,” and fell into “a bit of a rut.” 

So, do Kate and Cam end up back together?

Although they end up together at decision time on the last episode of the show and even make a plan to move in together, Kate and Cam seem to be sadly broken up now, two years since the show premiered. Fans of the show don’t seem too devastated by their separation, and many are saying Cam is lucky to have gotten away from Kate’s manipulative and controlling behavior.


“She walked all over and manipulated and gaslighted that guy to no end. There’s a reason she told him he wasn’t allowed to watch the video of her drinking with the girls. She is extremely controlling and the guy was way too low self esteem and pathetic to stand up for himself against it. He was also too blindly trusting and desperate to realize how manipulative she is,” writes one fan on reddit.

From the looks of her social media, Kate is now living her best life. She’s moved on from “beauty therapy” to nursing school and is now 24 years old. She posts enviable travel selfies on the beach and by the pool and seems to be spoken for by another “lover boy” who appears in many of her pictures. 


As for Cam, he seems to be doing not too shabby either since Back With the Ex ended. With his trusted furry companion and group of fun-loving friends, it looks like Cam has been picking up the pieces of his failed relationship and moving on resiliently. 

Fans of the couple will be glad to know the two often leave cute comments on each other’s pages, so they seem to remain friends even after the breakup.

Here’s how to follow Kate and Cam on Instagram.

If you’re curious to keep tabs on Kate and Cam, and see if they’ll even potentially end up back together down the line, visit their Instagram pages. Kate’s can be found here, and Cam’s is here

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