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Julianne Moore And Alicia Vikander Are ‘Those Crazy Women’ In ‘The Glorias’ Biopic Trailer


The Glorias adapts Gloria Steinem’s 2015 memoir, My Life On The Road, and the film will soon arrive with not one Gloria Steinem, or even two, but five Glorias. That’s a lot of Glorias, and the two foremost incarnations of the feminist firebrand will be played by Julianne Moore and Alicia Vikander during (as the book suggests) her Greyhound bus travels. Glorias will appear onscreen together. They’ll have conversations. They’re reclaiming the “those crazy women” label for themselves under the direction of Julie Taymor (Frida), who’s clearly operating again here under a labor of love with what promises to be an inventive and nontraditional biopic approach.

Following a Sundance debut and largely positive reviews, the movie’s coming to Amazon Prime (and VOD) on September 30, by way of Roadside Attractions and LD Entertainment. The film also features a busload of brilliant actresses in other activist roles, including Kimberly Guerrero as Wilma Mankiller (“I earned it,” she says of her surname), Janelle Monae as Dorothy Pitman Hughes, Bette Midler as Bella Abzug, and Lorraine Toussaint Flo Kennedy. The film will trace Steinem’s legacy all the way from her 1940s Ohio childhood to her founding of Ms. magazine to her 1960s women’s liberation movement leadership and beyond. From the Sundance Institute:

Julie Taymor brings her signature inventiveness and audacity to craft a complex tapestry of one of the most iconic and legendary figures of modern history, based on Steinem’s own memoir My Life on the Road. Remarkable performances by Julianne Moore and Alicia Vikander steer an engaging cast with strong supporting turns from Janelle Monáe and Bette Midler. Taymor makes her own rules in this dazzling ode to self-reflection, exploring the importance of forging your own path and embracing the challenge of the open road.

The Glorias is coming to Amazon Prime and VOD on September 30.

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