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John Reinke Makes a Cameo in ‘Barbie and Kendra Save the Tiger King’


John makes an appearance as himself in the movie, calling in with the dynamic duo to offer them advice on how to save a young Joe Exotic from the wilderness.

“They wanted to save the Tiger King because they thought he got shafted,” John said. “They talk about little Joe Exotic — he’s a little kid growing up… and they get to the point where they need to get more information, so they call me up [on Zoom]… and they ask a lot of questions.”

John becomes the heroines’ go-to man for advice on how to save the infamous zoo owner, providing them with inside information so the girls can save him.

“It just kind of plays into the movie,” he said. “They Zoom me to find out more information on what took place. And then we have our Zoom interview.”

John says he and his new girlfriend also catch up with the director, Barbie, and Kendra in an exclusive interview at the end of the move. 

“It’s a really funny movie, I mean, if you watch it, you’ll chuckle through it,” John said. “And right now during the COVID thing everyone needs a laugh.”

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