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Jennifer Lopez Finally Responds To Accusations That Alex Rodriguez Cheated On Her


Fans of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were excited to learn of the couple’s engagement last month. Sadly, not everyone was happy for the couple. Shortly following their announcement, accusations of cheating were leveled at A-Rod. The most biting accusations came from his longtime rival, Jose Canseco.

Jose took to Twitter to tell the world that he had proof of Alex cheating on Jennifer three months before popping the question. Not only did Jose accuse Alex of cheating on J.Lo, but he also said that the affair in question involved Jose’s ex-wife, Jessica Canseco. Jessica came out on her own to deny the allegations, saying that she was friendly with both Jennifer and Alex but hadn’t seen him in over five years, much less slept with him.

Jennifer addressed the rumors head-on this morning. She appeared on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club show. When she was asked about the rumors and Jose’s subsequent tweets challenging Alex to a fight, she let it all roll off her back.

“I mean, it doesn’t matter,” she told Charlamagne tha God. “I know what the truth is. I know who [Alex] is. He knows who I am. We’re just happy.”

Jennifer went on to explain that she wasn’t going to let rumors define her relationship.

“We’re not gonna let other people come out and tell us what our relationship is. I know what our relationship is,” she explained.

It’s important that the couple stands by each other and doesn’t let others get in the way of their happiness. There’s no word yet on when they plan to exchange vows, but their bond is already unbreakable.

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