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Jealous Rottweiler Steps In As Best Man, Interrupts Dad’s Wedding To ‘Object’


Christopher McCarron’s world was turned upside-down when his son, Chris Jr., passed away. He considered adopting a dog to help him cope with his grief and sadness and headed over to his local animal shelter.

There he met a former guard dog named Jack. Christopher initially wanted to adopt a puppy; Jack the Rottweiler was about six. Still, their bond was instant and undeniable and he realized age was not a factor anymore.

Christopher adopted Jack… but that wasn’t the only chance meeting at the shelter that would change his life that day.

As the proud new dog dad led Jack out of the Dog’s Trust Center in Scotland, he happened to bump into a fellow animal lover named Margaret. The pair struck up a conversation and Christopher told Margaret he’d send her updates about Jack as he acclimated to his new home.

Christopher and Margaret fell and got engaged in the process. And when their wedding rolled around, Jack stood by his doting dad, acting as best man.

In the adorable clip below, Jack stares intently at Christopher while the vows are exchanged.

When it comes time for anyone in the room to offer an objection to the nuptials, Jack takes the opportunity to raise his voice.

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