After the huge successes of Travis Scott&#8217;s collaboration with McDonald&#8217;s, future co-branding opportunities seemed like a no-brainer. As reported by <em>Business Insider</em>, though, just because something is simple doesn&#8217;t make it easy. While every piece of Travis Scott merchandise sold out, no matter how bizarre, the corresponding line of products from the Golden Arches&#8217; partnership with reggaeton star J Balvin has been canceled due to what a spokesperson called &#8220;production challenges.&#8221;

The line included such fun, cheeky products as a pair of Big Mac slippers, a pair of Golden Arches glasses, a McFlurry bucket hat, a smiley-faced logo watch, and even a temporary tattoo of a receipt for a J Balvin meal (a Big Mac, fries with ketchup, and an Oreo McFlurry). However, an email was sent to customers by the merch producers Vibras Lab told them they’d be receiving a refund instead of the expected merch, citing an “issue with our supplies” that “did not meet our expectations with the products.”

Meanwhile, a rep for J Balvin told BI that “production challenges” were responsible for the cancelation, although fans won’t walk away completely empty-handed. The refund will come with a note from J Balvin as well as a co-branded beanie.

On the bright side for the reggaeton superstar, his co-branded Jordan 1 shoe with Nike was a smashing success.