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Is ‘That ’70s Show’ Leaving Netflix? Info on the Show’s Rumored Exit


According to the notice that’s now attached to the show, That ’70s Show is leaving Netflix on Sept. 7. Although the news may have blindsided fans of the show, those who follow Netflix closely had been anticipating the show’s departure for almost a year. It was reported in November of 2019 that That ’70s Show was entering the final year of its contract with Netflix. 

At the time, it seemed possible that the show would renew its deal with the streamer, but it seems like the two parties couldn’t ultimately come together.  

“Because Netflix is the incumbent for That ’70s Show, we will give them plenty of opportunity to renew it,” President of Carsey-Werner TV Distribution Jim Kraus said when the news first broke that the contract was ending. 

“I think they would like to keep the show, but there are at least 3-4 other places interested,” Jim continued. “With all the interest that has been expressed, if we cannot come to an agreement with Netflix, we will move on.” 

It seems like that’s ultimately what happened. It’s possible that That ’70s Show will land on another streaming service now that it’s leaving Netflix, but there haven’t been any announcements about that yet. 

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