Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, and Mark Weinstein, founder of MeWe, are at odds when it comes to privacy. The two Marks have completely opposing views. Zuckerberg has famously said, “privacy is a social norm of the past,” at the Crunchie Awards in 2010, which many surmise he used as an excuse to continue changing privacy laws for Facebook’s now 2.7 billion users.

When Zuckerberg said this, Mark Weinstein was furious. He (Weinstein) was at the forefront of social media, creating SuperGroups (MeWe’s predecessor) in the late ’90s, but never intended for social media to take away the privacy of its users. He told Rolling Stone in 2019, “Social media wasn’t invented for us to be data to be bought and sold and for the governments around the world to be able to have access to know everything about us.”

So, Weinstein put together a team of engineers and was inspired to create MeWe, a social network that, “didn’t spy on people, that didn’t track them, that didn’t sell them down the river.” According to MeWe’s entry to the Shorty Awards, the platform has no ads, no tracking, and no algorithms. Dubbed by some as the anti-Facebook, if you’re trying to avoid a breach of privacy, MeWe is a very good alternative.

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