I don’t know a single person who hasn’t gone through some extreme lengths to get themselves out of a potentially sticky situation. Usually, it involves lying, a lot of lying.

Big lies, lies that take careful consideration and planning, lies that maybe even include a bribe to ensure that certain parties keep their mouths shut or become complicit in the bribe.

Something that this guy, who handed his iPhone over to Lei Jiang to “fix,” knows a lot about when he slipped the techie a little something something to help him out of a bind.


The last thing any of us ever wants to hear when our phone is broken or giving us issues is that there’s no way it can be saved. I’ve witnessed multiple people get seriously emotional when someone at the Apple Store told them that there device is unsalvageable. Their cries haunt me to this day.

It means all of our data, text messages, photos, call history, and whatever else isn’t backed up can’t be restored or transferred over to a new device, which is usually a huge problem for many of us.

This serious mobile phone FOMO, however, didn’t phase Lei’s customer in the slightest. In fact, the unnamed individual slipped the repairman $100 to ensure that his phone wouldn’t be fixed.

Why? Well it all has to do with this note that was hidden inside the iPhone: Lei’s customer needed to make sure that the phone wasn’t working for the sake of his marriage.


Maybe the guy was cheating or maybe he was placing bets to a bookie that he didn’t want his wife to know about, or maybe he wasn’t doing anything wrong at all and was planning a surprise party for her and didn’t want her to know about it.

Ok fine, we all know it isn’t that last one, no matter how much Google tries saying that “incognito” mode is made for wholesome stuff, we all know what its real purpose is.


Lei says he has honored the man’s request, but has maybe put the customer in a bit of a pickle, I mean the post has gone viral now, which kind of nullifies the whole “make sure no one finds out” part of the bribe, doesn’t it?

If the customer’s wife knows where he took the phone to get repaired, then the dude might find himself in more trouble than he was in before, plus now he’s out $100. Way to blow up the dude’s spot, Lei.  


But sometimes people don’t lie just so they can fool around in their relationships without the fear of losing their significant others, sometimes they go through extreme lengths to maintain grandiose lies for much less nefarious purposes.

Like the people in this AskReddit who shared the craziest, long-standing lies they ever told just so they could get themselves out awkward situations, or avoid having to tell people they’re afraid of bees.


In elementary school I told everyone that I was allergic to bees so that when a bee came near me and I ran away their thought was “it’s a life and death situation” not “that [kid’s] afraid of bees.”

I moved away in middle school, maybe 4 years later, and didn’t retell the lie because I had overcome my fear of bees.


Or this one dude who lied to a co-worker that he and his wife had a baby just to maintain some water-cooler banter. It’s been going for a solid two years now.


I got married four years ago. There’s this guy at work who’s one of THOSE people. The type that keep asking you when you are planning on having a baby once you’re married.

Since we didn’t really have much in common and he heard I got married, that’s the only thing he could come up with to start a conversation. It was just water-cooler banter.

I kept telling him “when the time is right”… but he still kept asking me every time I ran into him.

“So, any kids on the way?”

“Hey, expecting any time soon?”

“Any plans on having a baby?”

I got sick of it. One day I just told him “Yes, she’s pregnant, we’re having a boy.”.. I figured it would shut him up.

I was so wrong. Jacob is two years old now, he started teething, he’s said his first word, he keeps us up at night and… he doesn’t [even] exist.

I’ve told my wife about this and she thinks I’m an idiot. At this point, there’s no looking back.


The most touching story is probably this right-handed kid who was in love with a left-handed girl and basically re-trained his body to do everything with his left hand to improve his chances of being with her. It worked.


Friend of mine pretended to be left-handed to switch his seat in class so he could sit next to this “cute thin blonde girl that smells like strawberries” that was actually left-handed. He learned to write left-handed and even switched hands for sports. He did this from 9th grade until we graduated. They are still going and he is ambidextrous now.


This guy lied about having a Master’s degree and has a heart-stopping story about it. Props to him for being able to do the job regardless, and not cracking under the pressure.


I failed my MSc (Master of Science). I really shouldn’t have done that particular subject and ended up getting a postgraduate diploma.

I lied and got a job saying I have the masters degree. After we changed which group we belonged to at work, my new manager brought me into his office and asked me if I have a masters degree (I assumed I was going to be fired) after he said that I was on the wrong pay grade and then proceeded to tell HR to give me more money. I got a 17 percent pay rise. For the months between him speaking to me and getting my pay rise, my heart sank every time he looked mad at his computer (which he regularly does).

I felt bad because he was a really good manager.


I think the biggest lie I ever maintained for a long period of time is that I’m actually human and not a werewolf who has stopped caring about full moons. Three decades and going strong.

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