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I Tried The ‘100 Pushups Challenge’ And Now My Arms Look Like The Hulk’s


“Bingo wings” is the term most commonly used to describe the excess skin that hangs from under your arms. If you haven’t heard this term before, you’re not alone. I was not made aware of it until I was in my teens, but even though flabby arm skin lacked a name before then, its existence still made me super self-conscious. According to Urban Dictionary, bingo wings are the “hanging fat that swings from an obese woman’s upper arms when they are raised and shaken while shouting ‘Bingo!’ during a tournament.” Yes, it’s a pretty horrendous definition. I could go on and on about how terrible the term is, but that’s not the point here.

While I am slowly getting over the fear of someone seeing my arms above the elbow, I still feel a good dose of anxiety when I leave the house without a jacket.

Why not just exercise, then? Well, um… if you think I’ve never thought of that, then you’d be right, sort of. As someone who is over 30 and refuses to learn to drive, I walk a lot. Because of that, I am insanely proud of my calves. If I could learn to walk on my arms, then these bingo wings would be no more. Alas, I am not an Olympic-level gymnast, so I have to try a more traditional route.

Which is why I’m going all in with this six-week pushup challenge. Three days a week for the next six weeks you’ll find me pushing it up and working on (one of) the body parts I loathe the most and have the hardest time getting to my liking. I’m also doing this to prove my junior high teacher wrong. Screw you, Ms. Brubaker. I’ll pass the fitness test by the end of this. I promise.

Pushup challenge, here I come. Here goes nothing.

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